Wednesday’s Leg Workout

What does one hour of weight training and 100 repetitions have in common? Surprisingly me.

Leg workouts are hard for cats too

Normally on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday that’s over 65 degrees I can be found pushing my trainer, Rusty’s, Toyota Tundra around the parking lot of The Fitness Company (true story). However today I was greeted with a very suspicious “well, you ready for this?” Not knowing in the least what “this” was I answered his vague comment with an enthusiastic and possibly over-ambitious, “absolutely.”

Oh how one should check one’s tone when responding to a person in power.

What ensued could be considered by some many, masochistic. Dubbed the Century of Hell (by me) it entailed lots of weight at very high repetitions (*see 100). I started off at the leg press and thinking I could pace myself through 100 repetitions of 300 pounds, and at #40 discovered how wrong I was.

Speed, it turned out, was my friend and lactic acid the enemy. An enemy that didn’t hold back on wicked pipe-hitting level wallops to legs, lungs and even my brain. I learned quickly to try to get to 100 as fast as possible which only reduced the time in the Pain Zone, certainly not the intensity. With some it hurt more to quit as the wave of fatigue I managed to stay second ahead of caught up with a ferocity that can only be described as cruel.


  1. Leg Press: 1 X 100 @300 lbs
  2. Leg Extension: 1 X 100 @100 lbs
  3. Leg Curls: 1 X 100 @100 lbs
  4. 100 deep jumping lunges
  5. 3 minute wall sit
  6. 100 broad jumps
  7. Calf-raises (leg press machine): 3 X 10 with 10 second stretch and hold @ 200 lbs, three sets
  8. Calf raises (seated): 3 X 10 with 10 second stretch and hold @ 90 lobs, three sets
  9. Hobble home whimpering.


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